• Wet and dry diamond blade
  • Standard diamond segmented cutting blade for gas saws, angle grinders and electric cutters, for cutting concrete, masonry and other materials
  • Unmatched productivity gain on everyday mineral cutting applications
  • Good cutting speed thanks to high concentration of diamonds
  • Good lifetime and suitability for universal use on a range of materials thanks to large diamond segments (up to 12mm H) and special bond
  • Good productivity gain in everyday cutting applications on mineral materials
  • Thick steel core for maximum reliability and safety


Hilti introduces its innovative diamond cutting discs PS. The blade operates within its own unique capacity to increase productivity, versatility and speed even in the most demanding of applications. Our PS performance rated diamond blades are competitively priced to fit your needs. Unmatched in quality, the blade is specifically engineered to outperform and outlast in standard concrete, brick, masonry and sand-lime stone proving why they are a cut above the rest.